• matt5756

This is Morgan Stanley HQ

This is the Morgan Stanley headquarters. Ground zero for their marketing efforts. I was told the reason these halls are this wide is because the building used to belong to an oil company, and when visiting shieks would come on business, they have to walk abreast of each other to show shared power. I have no idea if this is true, but I love believing it anyway when looking at this hallway that goes from one end of the building to another along the executive conference floor. We've been helping financial institutions and advisors improve their branding and marketing efforts for years. For firms like Morgan to Fidelity to Pershing BNY Mellon (much love for each). We also work with financial advisors as well - our count is over 180 advisors to date in fact. If you ever need help making your financial brand stand out, or would like some insights on your current strategy, feel free to reach out. #sheiks #marketing #brandinglikeaboss

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