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3 Ways to stand out on LinkedIn - Yep, token cat pic included.

Being active on social media is a great way to be a thought leader. However, there are certain ways to do it that get better results — Hence the cat pic. (Yes, according to studies, posts with photos are up to 313% more effective than posts with no photos).

For many people, especially financial advisors, it can be hard to use social media effectively. With that in mind, here are 3 quick tips: 

1.) Add a picture to your post The first tip is the easiest, just add a picture! Yes, research has shown that posts with photos get up to 313% more engagement. BUT, be careful about just pulling any old image off the internet. As you can get yourself in trouble with a trademarked image. A good trick is to pull images from Flickr and make sure the photographer allows the image to be used. Then be sure to credit the source/photographer on your post. 

2.) Post about current trending events You’ll get better results with timely posts that respond to the day’s news. Though timely news has a shorter lifespan and requires frequent updates, some studies show that readers are 3x more likely to click on it over evergreen content.

3.) Add a call to action What’s that? It’s the action you’d like your reader to take after reading your article. Want them to click to your website? Make that clear. Too often, advisers see their social-media feed as the end goal. Of course it’s important to be a thought leader, but you also want to give prospects a chance to take the next step. Here’s a good call to action for advisors: “For more info or for a second opinion about your investment strategy, please email [insert your email here]”.

These are a few quick pointers to help you make your social media posts more effective. Hey, keeping up with your blog isn’t easy, but by adding some of these tricks, the time you do put in will definitely help.

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